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The Amber Weitzer Podcast | SILHOUETTES OF SUCCESS

Mar 8, 2021

Celebrating our 25th Episode is a milestone accomplishment and perfectly matched today's VIP Featured Guest! Sondra Wallace's Silhouette of Success caught my attention, hear and now my soul. She will be sharing with us a snapshot of her passionate journey of questioning everything, then asking more to get the real facts , answers and deliver curated content to educate the public.

She is still passionate about the survival of American agriculture. Telling the story of what these great people, and their forefathers, have done to provide safe and cheap food to the world. Over the past 30+ years she has amassed information from many segments of agriculture. She spent 20+ years talking to and listening to the public from around the world. If you can think of a question, they probably asked it. In 2006, even though this was her passion, she stepped away and sold the company. Burnout happens! 
It's taken her years to develop analogies that conveyed the information rapidly.  
Half truths, down right lies and "Old Wives Tales" have created fear in what makes the United States the ONLY Superpower in the world, the safest and cheapest food in the world. It is her hope to pass on viable information to the consumer which will empower them to make informed choices.