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The Amber Weitzer Podcast | SILHOUETTES OF SUCCESS

Mar 1, 2021

Sheri Kuebler Thompson is the CEO of Synergy In Success. Through the process of climbing to the top of the corporate ladder (and creating the success that most people only dream of), Sheri developed her passion of inspiring other executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals.
 After two consecutive years of adversity and struggle, dealing with some of life’s most difficult challenges all at once, Sheri was on the precipice of change. She was ready to unleash her potential. Her resilient, tenacious, and powerful personality allowed her to overcome those obstacles. She collected some of the highest level thought leaders and mentors into her inner circle and was reintroduced to that information she’d so long ago discovered. Sheri decided it was time to take life back into her own hands, she wanted to spend more time with the light of her life, her son, and garner the life and wealth she’d long dreamed of. Sheri is now living in her passion, facilitating the material that enabled and inspired her all along. She has been guiding people toward living their best life and unlocking their truest potential