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The Amber Weitzer Podcast | SILHOUETTES OF SUCCESS

Dec 6, 2021

Today we visit with an adventurous Silhouette. She taught herself self-reliance skills that led to a university post-graduate education in Criminal Psychology and teaching at college. Three children later, she had given up academia to raise her children alone and off-grid in a remote North Yorks,  living in a green painted caravan in a five acre field with no heating, restroom, or running hot water-she and her kids lived very simply using what was around them. 

Di Hammill Page founded Wild Harvest around sixteen years ago with the making and selling wares and educational courses.

She is a qualified Adult Ed. tutor, Permaculture Designer, Natural beekeeper, Archery GB instructor, Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, Survival Medic trained and so much more!

Di is now seen as one of the countries leading experts in simple, natural lifestyle and self-reliance and is often asked to comment in the media or speak at National shows about various aspects of her work.  

Di's intentional inspiration and words are wisdom are empowering...listen up!